When we hear the word cancer, for the vast majority of people it sparks great fear in our minds. After all – a person dies every 20 seconds with (but not necessarily from) cancer… more on the later. It is the 2nd biggest killer of Australians only after heart disease. A staggering one in three people that is! That statistic never ceases to blow my mind. Virtually every person I know or ask is close to someone who has recently died with cancer. It is our mum or dad, sister or brother, spouse or child, our workmate or neighbour.

When I deliver that statistic in the many workshops or health conventions that I present at, I get people to turn to look at the person on their left, then their right. It is either one of them or you that is going to have cancer if you continue to do what everybody else does. Scary stuff hey! This is not designed to ruin your day.

Does this mean that we are pre destined to die from this insidious chronic disease, so there is nothing to do but wait until our number is up? The answer to this is a big loud resounding NO! There are hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe that are identifying the causes, risk factors and understanding the process of why n how our bodies do cancer… and remising it for good.

As controversial as it may seem, the majority of these people are realizing that the pharmaceutical companies have a massively vested interest in radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Big pharma continues to show profits of the richest companies on the planet by providing solutions that don’t address the root cause of most cancers, just treat the effects. Billions of dollars are at stake NOT find a cure for cancer. But the fact is that cancer is not a mystery. There are very obvious laws of cause and effect in the body.

The biggest risk factors to cancer fall into 3 major categories:

  1. Physical/Environmental Stress
  2. Bio-chemical Stress
  3. Neuro-emotional stress

The fact is each of us has cancer in our bodies an average of 7 times throughout our lives, yet we are never aware of it because our innate (inborn) intelligence identifies the cancer cells and through the nervous system communicates to our immune system to do what it does best and bring the cells of our body into balance.

“All disease is first encoded in the nervous system”

Health Law: Keep the interference off your nervous system to maximize your genetic potential and minimize the likelihood of chronic disease.

The intelligence of our bodies is designed to do this incredibly efficiently and effectively. However, all disease including cancer comes about through either

  • Toxicity – an accumulation of physical, chemical and emotional stressors beyond the threshold of what the body can deal with, or
  • Deficiency – a lack of the essentials that the body needs to provide maximum immunity, namely – optimum nerve supply, H20, 02, positive neural impulse & cell food.

 So how does the body respond to this?

A tumor is the body’s natural response to ‘wall off’ mutating cells that your immune system has identified and is unable to deal with as we continue to add more toxicity to our bodies, whilst having compromised defences. Our body literally makes its own garbage bag to store the offensive cells. Yet we have been taught that a tumor is dangerous and ‘must be removed’. Scare tactics are often used to rush people into surgery that very day, yet science shows that the cancer has already been in the body for on average 7 years!

Placing some or the harshest, proven cancer-causing substances (chemo and radiation) in the body is counter intuitive as they cause both toxicity on top of what the body is already dealing with and deficiency by killing the bodies innate defense system.

Not more than just decades ago, at the time blood letting by placing leeches on the body to suck out the inflicting disease was commonplace therapy prescribed by medical doctors. Now we look back at these methods as being primitive and nonsensical. In years to come we will look back on chemical therapy (affectionately called chemo) and radiation in much the same way as being barbaric and inhumane. In the end it is not the cancer that kills many people, but the devastating effects of these toxic medical pollutants in the body.

However, as previously mentioned, today’s treatment of choice by the allopathic medical money making machine is largely based upon research done by drug companies with billions of dollars at stake. This is not a conspiracy theory – these are the facts. And at the end of the day, this appeals to the person who doesn’t want to take responsibility and participate in there own rescue, but place their lives in the hands of someone else.

After all, eating 80% raw organic vegetables, cleansing our body routinely from the inside-out, getting out in the morning sunshine and moving your body in different ways everyday, drinking lots of fresh juices and chlorine/fluoride free water, making peace with the people we have conflict with, ensuring our nervous system is functioning at 100% through routine chiropractic adjustments, resolving our inner emotional conflicts by letting go of fear, worry, guilt and resentment, and loving ourselves and our fellow man for who we are is a lot of hard work – right! Not really, not when your life depends upon it. These things are not optional – they are the essentials for what every one of the 100 trillion cells in your body needs. They are just some of the key strategies you will be learning at our upcoming workshop to live a long, happy, outrageously healthy life.

As the saying goes – “It is better to light 1 candle than to curse the darkness.” Instead of fighting darkness (cancer, heart disease, diabetes… and the thousands of other medically named diseases), focus upon the light – those things which allow radiant, abundant energy and aliveness to flow through you. I look forward to sharing the many pearls of wisdom at our upcoming cancer prevention workshop. This information will be literally life improving, life extending and life saving – not just for you, but for all your family, friends and everyone you know… they are all welcome, but seating is limited so register today.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle – so be the guiding light for the people around you and inspire them to be all that they were destined to be. Pass on the most valuable gift of all – the gift of health.