According to a study published in Pediatrics one in every three infants who use walkers suffer significant injuries including skull fractures, concussion, spine fractures, finger amputations and death.

And it doesn’t stop there, according to the local Chiropractor, Dr Anthony Golle` founder of Body Brilliant Chiropractic & Wellness.

“Aside from the life-threatening accidents they may cause, baby walkers can have a detrimental effect on an infants development,” Dr Golle` said.

“Some parents may incorrectly think the use of a walker will help their child to walk but research has shown that they can lead to locomotor problems and faulty walking patterns.”

“Furthermore, an infant who is placed in a walker during the crawling phase of motor development may be missing out on an important developmental skill.”

“Recent studies have demonstrated that infants who used walkers, sat, crawled and walked later than those who did not,” he said.

Dr Golle` warned spinal development could also be affected by prematurely by forcing a child to assume an erect posture.

“Because a young child had not yet developed the appropriate bone strength and the necessary muscular coordination to maintain erect posture, prematurely encouraging such activities may be inappropriate,” Dr Golle` said.

Any parents concerned for the spinal health and overall well-being of their children are urged to visit their local chiropractor to have them assessed. A continuing schedule of regular chiropractic check-ups can help detect, correct and maintain a healthy spine.

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