Are you bouncing out of bed full of beans every morning, ready to tackle another day; or are you pressing snooze, dreading going to work because you just feel snowed under?

Remember, your attitude determines your altitude, and this applies to every individual area of your life, including your health!

Many of us have even forgotten what it feels like to be functioning at our full potential, and often, we put our decline in health down to old age…try telling that to my 89 year young Pop who is fit as a fiddle, and he’d soon steer you on the right track.

Often if I feel major subluxations in a patients neck when I am performing a new patient exam, I will ask them if they experience headaches? It never ceases to amaze me how often their response is “yeah, just normal headaches though”…and my response…“HEADACHES ARE NOT NORMAL!”Sure, headaches may be common, but this is because many of us are living in a state of dis-ease. A headache is simply our body’s way of warning us that something is not quite right.

Another perfect example is when I am performing a new patient exam on a child. What we know is that the integrity of the nervous system is directly proportional to immune function, and any subluxations in the spine, (especially in the neck) can result in poor immune function. If I find subluxations in the neck, of course I question the parent about the frequency of colds, flu’s, ear infections, and their child’s overall immune function. You would not believe how many parents think that colds and flu’s are completely normal, especially if their child goes to day care.

Your body will only allow bacteria or viruses if the immune system is compromised, and the body’s natural defence mechanisms are not working properly—subluxations, unhealthy diet, inadequate rest, lack of exercise and fresh air can all contribute to this.

Now with winter here in full force, many of us have been getting run down, and reaching for the box of tissues. Many of us have also opted for an extra adjustment, instead of reaching for the pack of cold and flu tablets…and for those of you who have done this…congratulations. Clearly you understand the amazing power that the body has to heal itself, and by removing any interference to the nervous system, you are ensuring you return to full health as soon as possible.

Sure the cold and flu tablets may make you a little less congested, but the truth of the matter is they don’t fix anything…they simply add more toxins to your system so that next time you get run down, you have an even bigger cocktail of chemicals which needs to be cleansed from the body.

So this winter, take the challenge…before reaching for the pills, ask the question “how can I naturally boost my health and immune system in a way that will serve me both now and in the future?” Your body will thank you!