What do you mean has my health sprung I hear you ask? Well, just like there are 4 seasons each year for our planet earth, our bodies too go through cycles every 90 days. In fact, Dr Deepak Chopra teaches us that 98% of the cells in our body have been replaced every year. But what governs the quality of cells that are replaced and whether they are healthy or dis-eased? The same system that controls and co ordinates ALL healing, performance and function in your body… the nervous system or what we call ‘The Master System’ at Body Brilliant.

This most amazing system of our body is an intricate bundle of chemical reactions and electrical impulses, that creates a superhighway of information back and forth to the 100 trillion cells that make up our bodies.

To function properly and thrive, all these cells need 4 essentials:

  1. Nutrients in and toxins out,
  2. Water,
  3. Oxygen and the most important yet least understood,
  4. Nerve supply.

When you understand these fundamental truths, then whether the cells that are being reproduced are healthy and vital or malfunctioning and dis-eased is no longer a mystery. You see health is a state of wholeness whereby all the cells are working together in harmony. When the 4 essentials are all there, we get to be 100% healthy. When any component of one of them is missing, then it is virtually impossible for us to function at 100%. We call this a state of ‘dis-ease’. In other words we are not at 100% and moving away from ‘ease’. Yet we are rarely aware of this because only less than 10% of our nervous system perceives pain. In today’s fast paced, polluted, double expresso mocha chino lifestyle we are so out of touch with our bodies due to the accumulation of stress in our systems from physical, chemical and emotional traumas that we don’t feel this decrease in function. Then when our body does start showing symptoms of this state of insult, we are taught to take a cocktail of chemical lies (known as medication) that fools our body into thinking that there is no problem by masking the symptoms. This additional poison in our systems then adds even more stress to our systems.

Polluting Our Environment

Have you noticed how the earth is cleansing at the moment? Extreme temperatures, floods, quakes, eruptions! Its just like when our body cleanses to get rid of an accumulation of toxins we will ‘do a temperature’ to produce interlukin – an immune system booster that seeks and destroys damaged cells. This costs tens of thousands of dollars to buy for aids patients, yet our bodies make it naturally. We also do a temperature to literally cook potentially hazardous cells. If we understood this natural process of the body, then we wouldn’t dare take a drug to reduce the temperature. That’s like hearing the smoke detector going off and taking the battery out instead of understanding that you need to go put out a fire. The short-term action allows you to feel better, but it results in a longer-term consequence that is much more significant. Similarly, when there has been an accumulation of chemical insults in our body, our skin erupts, quakes and floods to remove the toxic overload. Our skin is our largest organ and the pores cleanse regularly. When we sweat it is like flooding, but instead we put on antiperspirant to stop it. When we get eczema or pimples or psoriasis (eruptions), we take topical steroid cream to push the toxins back in.

One of the key premises of chiropractic is that the body (and nature) needs no help – it just needs no interference. Over the decades we have polluted the earth and our bodies and the repercussions are now evident, the earth and our bodies are showing symptoms and if we understand that the symptom aren’t the problem – just the sign of something else. Then we will start getting back to the laws of nature and work with the cause of the problem instead of trying to ‘fix’ the effects.

To reduce the ‘pollution’ in our cells we want to reduce sugar, white flour, animal fats and processed ‘food’ (I am reluctant to call most of what you buy in a packet from a supermarket food), as well as getting off drugs and medications.

To build health back into our bodies, we all know we should be eating more seasonal fresh, local and ideally organic fruits, nuts and vegetables to provide the key nutrients for the cells. These two action steps will take care of essential # 1.

Get along to our ‘food for life day’ coming up on the 18th of September to learn how to take simple easy steps to maximize your nutrient intake and minimize your toxic exposure.

The formula for essential #2 (Water) is 1L per22kg of body weight per day! I hear people gasping as you do your sums. Yes, most f you need to increase your daily water intake. I prefer mine chlorine and fluoride-free since this was originally used in water supplies to sedate prisoners of war in camps. Your water should be allowed to flow to increase its ‘current’ and charge in your body. This will allow it to absorb into your cells where it is most needed and not have you running to the toilet every 20 minutes. Add a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt to charge it and get your natural electrolytes too.

The simplest way to take care of essential #3 (Oxygen) is to ‘move your body more’. This places a bigger demand on the cells for oxygen and your body delivers. In other words ‘move it or lose it’! I don’t particularly care how you do it – just start moving more. The other quick tip to increase oxygen is to keep your window slightly open at night. This will keep fresh air circulating through the room and remiss many breathing problems people face. Also keep the air con OFF as much as possible.

The purpose of #4 (Nervous Supply) is to interpret all the information coming in through our senses and gives us our perception of the world. That’s why if there is pressure on the nervous system from misalignments in the spine known as subluxations, people can tend to be more moody, agitated, irritable, impatient, anxious, or depressed. The nervous systems other vital role is to control and co ordinate every cell, tissue, organ and other system in the body, including the immune, digestive, reproductive, hormonal and cardiovascular systems. So without optimal nerve supply, essentials # 1, 2 and 3 cannot be optimized! So how do you keep your nerve supply at 100%? That is the expertise of chiropractic. We are not back doctors or bone doctors for that matter. Our speciality is detecting and correcting subluxation, which means “sub” less than, “lux” light “ation” body. In other, words less light flowing through your body. This ‘light’ is what the original chiropractors saw as the electrical impulses that run our entire body. Since you can’t feel subluxation (only its potential side effects or symptoms 10% of the time), the only way to find out is through a specific subluxation examination done by a qualified chiropractor. They will use a combination of low dose radiation x rays (less than a microwave or 1 hour flight puts out), thermography, digital posture analysis and thorough trauma (physical, chemical and emotional) history. The outcome of chiropractic isn’t to get you out of pain, but to correct the cause of dysfunction and show you ways how to quit recreating the same problem. People’s symptoms go away as a nice ‘side effect’ to function at 100%.