While the return of school can cause emotional upset for some students,a recent study also indicates that as many as 51% of students may be suffering low back pain.


The findings have prompted Chiropractors to call on parents and teachers to help minimise the nu

mber of children and adolescents suffering from preventable back pain in Australia.

Dr Anthony Golle` from Body Brilliant Chiropractic believes that parents and children need to be better educated on the effects of playground and sports injuries and poor posture in growing spines.

“Research indicates that half of our high school students may be suffering from low back pain,” Dr Anthony said” From an early age, children spend hours sitting in the classroom, at computers and in front of the television, backpacks are often poorly fitted and carry far to much weight for their growing bodies. Therefore, it is essential they are shown correct posture techniques to protect their spine from damage.,” Dr Golle` said.

Parents also need to be aware of the serious injury that may result from ‘harmless’ school yard tricks and everyday play.

“We all know that pulling a chair from underneath somebody as they sit down is dangerous, yet many parents aren’t aware that the jolt at the end of the slippery slide or a fall during a soccer game or gymnastics

can also cause serious spinal damage.”

“Parents should know that unless injuries sustained when a child is young are addressed, their child may suffer long term and reoccurring back problems throughout their adult years.”

Chiropractors are specialists in maintaining a healthy spine and can teach children corre

ct posture techniques and recommend ways for them to care for their spine.

“Naturally, as a Chiropractor we want children to have fun and enjoy exercise, but it is important with an active lifestyle that our spine is taken care of. If things are left in the body from a young age, in can result in unnecessary health issues in the future.”