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Enjoy Body Brilliant Recipe, Chiropractic Articles, book in for one of our upcoming events, or watch one of our recommended Body Brilliant links, so you can be the best you can be!

The extensive range of resources provided by Body Brilliant are designed for you and your family to get well and stay well for life! We believe that in order to live healthy life, you need to take a rounded approach and address all aspects of health, wellness and longevity. This is why we provide the best of the best in Chiropractic Care, Exercise, Nutrition and in our Educational Programs so that each and every one of our clients has everything they need at their fingertips to reach their personal goals of health and vitality.  

Family Wellness Chiropractic Care

We believe that a healthy spine and nervous system equals optimal health and vitality. Chiropractic Care plays a huge role in the Body Brilliant Programs we provide, so that our clients are able to reach a point of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system for life. Our doctors are experts in Lifetime Family Wellness Care, seeing babies from just a few days old, to pregnant women, elite sports players all the way to great grandparents.

Body Brilliant Corporate Health Programs

Body Brilliant Corporate Health Solutions has been designed to bring about health and vitality within the workplace. To raise moral of employees, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, to increase productivity of team members and their overall health.

Body Brilliant Running, Core & Stretching Group

This is available to all Body Brilliant Members as part of their program. There is great power is moving your body, from increasing your level of fitness, flexibility, losing weight, strengthening your core and improving your emotions. Our weekly classes help our clients to stay in tip top condition with the latest technology, guided by our team, while creating a group of likeminded people who often become lifelong friends in the process.

FREE Health & Wellness Workshops

Our Body Brilliant Extreme Makeover Series and Advanced Spinal Care Class Workshops are designed to give our clients and guests everything they need to know in order to live a long, healthy, pain free and drug free life. From raising healthy children, to cancer prevention and maintaining a healthy spine, our series of workshops have been created to empower and arm our clients with the latest information in natural health.

Mums & Bubs Healthy Lifestyle Events

As parents ourselves, we know how hard it can be when deciding on health choices for your family. So many contradicting opinions from friends, family and health professionals. Our Mums and Bubs events are focused around ‘Raising Healthy Children in Unhealthy Times’ where we provide simple easy to understand information that makes sense!! Whether you are planing for your pregnancy, are pregnant and want to plan for a natural birth, or have children and want to raise them as naturally as possible, these events are a must attend for you.

Raw & Organic Cooking Classes – Body Brilliant Food For Life Day

Our Body Brilliant Food For Life Day has been designed to provide a clearer understanding of what foods build health or disease in your body and to show you just how easy it is to prepare delicious and nutritious foods that everyone in your family will love. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain energy and vitality or you are ready for a change, this is a brilliant event for you to begin your journey.

Life & Wellness Coaching

Whether you are feeling stressed and don’t feel like you are managing with it, or perhaps wanting to quit smoking or set some new goals in life, our Body Brilliant Life & Wellness Coaches are here to help.

Chiropractic Articles

healthy familyA brilliant resource of articles for you to learn and discover more how Chiropractic Care can benefit you and your entire family. Chiropractic spans far beyond back pain, helping women reduce labor time and Pregnancy Pain, helping babies with Colic and Digestive Problems, slowing Arthritis Pain, helping with breathing difficulties such as Asthma, just to name a few.

Recipes For Life

A brilliant body needs brilliant fuel to function at its best. Read on to discover some fantastic recipes that are natural, wholesome and will fill you up longer than the processed foods you may normally eat. Also, find some yummy recipes of dairy free and raw deserts. Delicious!

Recommended Reading

This is a fantastic list of books that are bound to change your life in one way or another. Hand picked by our team, all of these books have made a major impact on our thinking and helped many clients reach new levels of health naturally.

Upcoming Events

Book now for one of our FREE Half Hour To Health series of workshops below, held on Monday’s at 7pm. Empower yourself and family with information that will change the way you think about help you create a Body Brilliant lifestyle and live with vitality!

Click here to book for one of our upcoming Half Hour To Health Events.