Tribal Wellness Movement

Tribal Wellness Movement

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” … so welcome to the tribe!
We are a global community of individuals united around one mission – to inspire healthy, loving living around the world. We are a team of world-class leaders in their chosen fields that have compiled their expertise and resources to empower you to create the life of your dreams right in your own home.
This is NOT one-size fits all. The program is tailored for you to meet you are where you are at and show you how to make sustainable upgrades in your healthy lifestyle (healthstyle). You go at your own pace! Some people want to make radical shifts in their wellbeing whilst other make smaller steady changes. But the key is that this is NOT a short-term fad diet or 12-week challenge where you make unsustainable changes that you slip back after the challenge is over and then feel bad about yourself physically and emotionally.
This program caters especially for families, but we also have olympic athletes, body builders and people just wanting to be the best version of themselves benefiting from this unique healthstyle program.

You and your tribe will get to experience:

– Regular contributions from experts in the fields of nutrition, yoga, meditation, raising healthy
families, parenting tips, lean body sculpting for men and women, performing at your peak,
improving posture and optimising your innate healing potential.
– A comprehensive eating guide for paleo, sugar-free, as well as raw and vegan depending on
your personal goals and what your body will respond to optimally
– Comprehensive shopping lists
– An optional detox and purify program that can be used at any time as a kick start or reboot
– Healthy lunchbox ideas and how to get more fruits and veg into the fussiest of eaters
– A wide selection of easy to make, yummy raw desserts to die for
– A toxic elimination guide for the home
– Daily recipe inspirations and upgrades from your typical meals
– Functional movement routines that can be done in your own home with no equipment in under 10 minutes with incredible results
– Strategies to overcome emotional eating
– Online support via closed Facebook group
– Healthy, wealthy mindset coaching
– Regular online seminars to educate and inspire your journey
– Measurement tracker to map your progress
– Goal setting processes to align all your values
– Essential nutritionals to flood your body daily with whole food fruits, veggies and berries
– Complete whole food, non GMO, plant based shakes and recipes

Common ‘side effects’ of joining the tribe

– A natural sustained energy high
– Stronger immune system
– Your body craving more vegetables, fruits and berries
– Sugar cravings reduced or gone
– A leaner, stronger more vitalistic body
– Clearer mind and clarity of focus
– Waking up invigorated on less sleep
– Reduced body fat
– Increased libido
– Improved circulation and cardiovascular function
– Enhanced exercise performance and recovery
– Clearer radiant glowing skin
– Stronger hair and nails

Complete your details below so that one of our tribal wellness coordinators can speak to you to see how we can help you reach your health goals.
Go Tribal!





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