The power problem paradigm Back in the 1920’s a medical pathologist named Dr Henry Winsor was intrigued how so many people were dying of so many different diseases. He thought that there must be an underlying root cause. When he was determining the person’s diseased organ that finally killed them he started to trace the nerve from the organ back to the spine. What he found was revolutionary. In virtually 100% of cases the person’s vertebrae was misaligned causing a pressure on the nerve where it exited the spinal column.
Although the diseased organ had finally led to the persons death, he discovered that there had been a lack of power
to the organ for years, even decades from the misaligned vertebrae, what is now known as a “Subluxation”.
Well despite these ground breaking finding, fast forward almost a decade and still subluxations are the best kept health secret on the planet. Imagine for a moment how many people are suffering from what they think are physical
problems – migraines, high blood pressure, digestive problems, asthma etc. when in actual fact they have a power
problem. You see, the truth is “the power that made the body, heals the body”, it always has and always will. Yet
our current health care system places so much emphasis on treating the physical end product instead of getting
straight to the cause – the power problem.
Trying to gain health from a drug or surgery is like running west – looking for a sunrise. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, you are going the wrong way.
The only reason to continue to get your spine checked and adjusted for subluxation is to keep the power flowing
through your nervous system to every cell, tissue and organ at 100%. Over a lifetime, physical ailments will come
and go, but if all we ever do is treat the physical and not get back to the root cause – the power supply, then we are likely to continue to experience even more sickness, disease and suffering.
Isn’t it amazing how when the first 2 cells came together – the sperm and the egg, they starting dividing over and over again to form the first recognizable tissue – the notocord. This notocord became the spinal cord and brain, and then every other organ branched off from it to make 70 trillion cells in 9 months that is us. So the brain and spinal cord gave life to the body and guess what… it never stopped! That life or intelligence flows over the nervous system and still controls and co ordinates all healing, function and metabolism through your body. Chiropractors are nerve specialists honoring this healing power and allowing 100% brain­body connection. Chiropractic doesn’t treat anything
– the remarkable art of chiropractic is to remove interference to the power that heals you to allow your body to
function at 100%.
A graphic illustration of what happens when the power supply is choked is what happened to superman – Christopher
Reeves. In an injury he fractured his vertebrae and consequently became a quadriplegic, losing the function to
wherever that power supply was going. Imagine though in your body the stresses that you have put your body under
throughout your life – the accumulation of physical, chemical and emotional stress. It is life itself that causes our spine and nervous system to subluxate and as a result loss power supply to our cells, but most people are living day to day not understanding the cause of the problem, just masking the effects.
Did you know? 100,000 chemical reactions are happening in every cell of your body every second. That’s 1 billion
every second in total – all under the control of your nervous system!
At Body Brilliant we are committed to being world class experts in keeping your power turned ON for a lifetime to
keep you functioning at 100% and to be all that you were created to be.