Trying to lower your Cholesterol naturally? The key is reduce your consumption of dairy and animal proteins. Also, research has shown that by adding up to 3 tablespoons of Flax Seeds to your meals daily, you can reduce your levels by up to 10%. Don’t be sucked in by the advertising on TV to buy the latest margarine or milk that reduces Cholesterol. They aren’t interested in your health but your money.

Many people are scared by Cholesterol, but don’t realise that the only way we can get Cholesterol is by eating it from other animals and animal products, or by having a very Acidic body.

When we have too many acidic foods, meats, dairy, processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol and sugar it causes our body to become acidic. Our body is incredibly smart, in order to protect the system, it will actually create Cholesterol to line the walls of our arteries to protect them from the acidic environment.

You must change the environment of your body in order to normalise your levels. It isn’t about taking the latest drug! Drugs have a long list of side effects and often cause other health conditions, such as liver and kidney stress and ulcers.

Exercise is also a fantastic way to assist in lowering Cholesterol. Just get your body moving and the healing will happen.

At the end of the day, we must come to realise that health doesn’t come from a pill or a potion. If our body is showing signs or symptoms that something isn’t right, then we should look to the cause of that problem. Taking a drug to lower Cholesterol is simple masking the real problem and will lead to other health problems to follow.

If you or a loved one experiences Cholesterol problems, think twice before buying the latest marketed product or drug to help you. Start taking natural measures towards a healthy body and you will be better off for it!