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Our Body Brilliant Extreme Makeover Series is designed with your health in mind. Every month our expert team will teach the Body Brilliant Principles covering many different aspects of life and health. From Stress Free Living, Cancer Prevention, Rocket Fuel Nutrition to Being Healthy At 100, these events will transform your health, your energy and your mind.

Our Extreme Makeover Series is a service that we provide to the all of the community and our clients because our purpose at Body Brilliant is to help as many families as possible to ‘get well and stay well for life.’ Tickets are valued at $49 and are FREE for Body Brilliant members and just $10 if you use the codeword VITALITY when booking your tickets online.

Every day we either do things that build and create health in our body, or nurture disease and sickness – the choice is yours. Why not arm yourself with the latest information in natural health and living so you can be the best you can be well into your 80’s, 90’s and beyond!