When your appliance in your home is not working properly, it has the devastating potential to short circuit and cause a fire that burns down the whole house. But thankfully, there is a mechanism that when there is too much ‘charge’ detected, then a signal is sent back to a connection where the power supply is coming into the house, known as the fuse box. The fuse is ‘blown’ and the power to the appliance and everything on that circuit supply is shut off, no fire results and everyone lives happily ever after.

So what! You’re a chiropractor, why are you telling me this? Well, if you can understand this simple mechanism, you can also understand how the most complex system in the world and in your body works – your central nervous system.

Follow along for a second… in our previous example, the power supply is your brain, the house is your body, the fuse box and power points is your nervous system and the appliances in the house are all the other organs.

When an appliance isn’t working properly in your house, there is always a reason, right! The first obvious one is that the there is a problem with the power supply – either the power point isn’t turned on, or in fact the fuse is still blown from a previous problem! The second is that there has been some kind of problem with the appliance itself. Now, back to our body – when a part of it isn’t working properly what is your first thought? Do you think about the power supply?

Modern medicine is quick to point the finger straight to where to the point of pain is and try to ‘treat’ it by drug therapy. When you think about it – drugs are a “cocktail of chemical lies”. In other words, the drug in your body forms a chemical reaction that is intended to signal back to the brain (the central command) that says, “hey, everything is ok here!” When in actual fact everything is not ok. It’s like when the toaster isn’t functioning properly and should blow a fuse back at the fuse box, but the signal that the fuse box gets is that everything is A ok! As mentioned before, this has the potential to burn the whole house down.

The philosophy at Body Brilliant Chiropractic is to get back to the CAUSE of the problem. The purpose of the adjustment is to turn your power back on by making sure all your fuses (vertebrae) are turned ON and all the power points in your house you call your body are turned on. The great side effect to this is that your whole house (body) and all the appliances inside (organs) can function at 100%. Makes sense, doesn’t it!

But how did my fuses get blown in the first place and how can I decrease the incidence of them from keep blowing in the future? – That is the real question!

Just like an appliance in your house, when you place more demands upon it than it is designed to handle, it blows the fuse. Similarly in our bodies, when you stress any particular system through physical, chemical and emotional stressors, it overloads our system and the body’s natural response is to subluxate the vertebrae in the spine at the corresponding level.

This decreases the load on the overall system of the body and we ‘get on with life’. However, the existing subluxation (blown fuse) decreases the function of the body to all the corresponding organs, tissues and cells at that level. So what’s the answer? Health is not an event – it is a process. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to maintain your entire body functioning at 100% for an entire lifetime. The most important adjustment is always the next adjustment, because it turns your power back on from the stressors that you experience on a daily basis through simple activities of living.