There is an old saying, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die to get there”. A similar statement could be made concerning health. In almost any survey asking people what they wanted most out of life, good health was near the top of the list. Yet how many of us allow other less important things to keep us from attaining maximum health.

Most people who come into a chiropractic office indicate a desire to be healthy. Unfortunately, they often do not realize that it will take some effort on their part. The average person’s experience with medicine has led them to believe that they will be made healthy by what the doctor does to them or what he gives them. They can just sit back, do nothing or at most, remember to take their medication every four hours. While this approach may be relatively effective in the treatment of disease, it has virtually nothing to do with health. For the most part, disease treatment is a passive activity.

Health maintenance or health restoration is largely an active endeavor. Therein lies the problem. Sitting back will not promote or maintain health. Hoping or wishing for it will not make it happen. It must be actively pursued. A choice must be made. Good, nutritious, health-promoting food is available, but then so is junk food. You must make the decision as to what kind you are going to eat and then make the extra effort to get it. Exercise is not a passive activity. You cannot get fit by just watching Aerobics Oz Style or Infomercials.

Chiropractic is not a passive activity either. A good chiropractor will be more like a coach and teach patients on how they can be empowered to play their part in maximizing their own health.

Sadly, too many people do not want to pay the price which is time, money and effort. Happiness does not come by accident. Fame and fortune are not a matter of luck. Similarly, you cannot expect to have good health unless you do those things necessary to attain it. Every individual has to establish his or her priorities. People will commonly spend $2000 a year maintaining their car, but wouldn’t even consider that when it comes to their health. Do you want to be healthier in 5 years than you are now?

It is the choices you make, not the chances you take that will allow you to live with ever-increasing health and vitality.

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