Since the arrival of our two boys Zavier 5 and Bodhi 3 and our daughter Zara now 1, we have been asked many times, how did you prepare for pregnancy? What can I do to improve my chances of becoming pregnant sooner? I hope that this information will inspire you to be the best you can be for your future family.

I have always believed that bringing a life into this world is such a gift. We hold the fate of a little one in our own hands, they are 100% dependent on us and they have no control of what we put into our body to create and to nourish them. It is all up to us, which is why I put so much time, effort and research into this.

After learning the negative health effects the pill can have on women’s health, I chose to go off it over 10 years ago. For women still on the pill I recommend you read up on the risks. The pill has been linked with an increased risk of breast cancer, infertility and other health issues that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. If you are planning to fall pregnant, it is a good idea to go off the pill at least 6 months prior to give your body a chance to get back into a natural fertility rhythm and to also cleanse the chemicals out of your system.

Both my husband and I lead a very healthy lifestyle, eating organic foods where possible and exercising regularly. We do not smoke, or take medications and drink alcohol rarely. I have found in my discussions with many women wanting to conceive that their partner has felt that all the responsibility of a healthy child depends on the woman and that the male can do and eat what he wants. This isn’t the case! It is just as important for the father to be in top condition, refraining from alcohol, smoking and processed foods prior to conception as it is for the mother to be.

Three months prior to us planning to conceive, both my husband and I completed a two week long detox program to cleanse out any chemical build up in our systems. Our detox involved juicing, colonics or colon hydrotherapy and specific herbs to help spring clean our body. We followed the detox with three months of organic foods, no alcohol or caffeine, daily exercise, chiropractic care to ensure that my spine and pelvis were in correct alignment to support a healthy pregnancy, lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables and essential fatty acids, which are crucial to a healthy pregnancy.

I also read a book called ‘The Natural Fertility Method’, by Francesca Naish. This teaches you how to learn your body’s cycle, so you can find out when you will be most fertile through the month. It takes a few months of monitoring, but was well worth it as we became pregnant in our first month of trying. I feel this is a true testament to the lifestyle we have been living and the steps we took to prepare our bodies to be the healthiest they could be.

If you were going to build a brand new house, you would want to use the best materials and create a nice strong foundation for your home to be built upon. The same should be for your family. If you eat fatty foods, drink alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks either before trying to become pregnant or while you are pregnant you are putting your baby in harm’s way.

We also made sure we used organic products for our baby when they were born. Their skin is so delicate and thin and can absorb many harmful chemicals from clothing and body care products. You should also look into organic baby clothing and organic baby products to give your baby the best start in life.

If you aren’t sure what you should be doing to plan to become pregnant, book an appointment with a nutritionist, visit a Chiropractor, or come along to Body Brilliant’s free health workshops and empower yourself with knowledge on what you can do to make a difference to your health, your pregnancy and the health of your new baby. It will be the best investment you will ever make.