Many people with cancer, heart disease and tooth decay feel no pain or discomfort at all for many years. And often, most people do not do anything proactively for their health, they want until a symptom arises.

885280_ready_for_the_workoutOn the other hand if you are unlucky enough to suffer food poisoning then you may have symptoms like a headache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pains. While these symptoms may not feel so great, they are a sign that your body is working perfectly, trying to purge the toxins out of the body as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic was discovered in 1895 and has survived over a century of medical opposition because it has helped millions of people regain and maintain their health – naturally.

Chiropractic does not focus on back pain or neck pain, but it looks to the health of the spine and nervous system. So, why would you think about having your spine checked by a Chiropractor if you didn’t feel any pain?

In the spine there are very often Subluxations (a misalignment in the spine) that also produce no symptoms at all. So the questions arises…..

DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY, OR JUST “FEEL GOOD”? These are two very different outcomes.

If you want to be healthy, then you need to have a healthy functioning spine and nervous system.

Your brain sends vital messages to every cell, tissue and organ in your body. This maintains your body chemistry, performance and immune function.

What would it mean to you to have interference to your nervous system?

Headaches, Asthma, Low back pain, Digestive problems, Depression, Ear Infections, Arthritis, Dizziness, Thyroid problems, Vision impairment, Sciatic pain, Reproductive problems, Muscular pain, Low energy, ADHD to name a few.

These problems are just some of the reasons why someone would visit a Chiropractor such as Body Brilliant Chiropractic on the Gold Coast.

When you know the health of your spine, you gain the knowledge to do something positive about it. If you experience any type of body pain or health concern, or are curious what your level of spinal degeneration is make an appointment with our team at Body Brilliant Chiropractic today and discover how you can maintain a healthy spine or get to the cause of your unwanted health concerns today.

Call our team on 5522 7422 or click here to contact Body Brilliant Chiropractic, simply mention our website and you will receive a Chiropractic Exam, Postural Evaluation and any necessary x-rays for only $45 (a $210 value). If you don’t live on the Gold Coast, please email us and we will gladly help you find a Chiropractor in your area who can help you.