Dr Lachlan Taylor
Dr Lachlan Taylor took over the practice in August 2017, his wife Vanessa is also a chiropractor and together they have one son Logan and one staffy.

Dr Lachlan Taylor ChiropractorI’ve been involved in Chiropractic since I was only 10 days old when as a new-born baby I was first checked for spinal subluxations to ensure my spine and nervous system were free from interference. I was so blessed to be given what I now know was the best start to life.
I remember the time I chose to be a chiropractor. I was 11 years and I had started getting migraine headaches. The amazement that I
had when the chiropractor checked my spine, found that I had nerve interference and adjusted me to restore function in my nervous system. He taught me that if my spine was off – my health was off. I knew at that time I wanted to be a chiropractor.
Fast Forward 25 years and my understanding and passion for Chiropractic has only grown. Now I get to be the one to help change people’s lives and expand their understanding of how we can truly be healthy. By getting my spine and nervous system working right through Chiropractic care, by eating right and by exercising I get so much energy, vitality and health. Outside the office you’ll see me as a dad, a beach goer and a keen (if not talented) cross fitter.
Chiropractic has taken me all around Australia, to the UK and Europe and now to the most beautiful part of the world, the stunning Gold Coast. I look forward to meeting and serving you soon.

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Trent Ously
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