A Sublux-what?

A Sublux-what?

Continuing our journey of the foundations of Chiropractic, in this newsletter we are going to talk about that funny word… a Subluxation.

The body is a Brilliant self-healing and self-regulating organism. But what happens when the body can’t correct itself. From a mechanical point of view we as chiropractors have traditionally called this a Subluxation.

If we study the mechanics of the spine we find that generally we have muscles all throughout the spine that can pull vertebrae from one direction to another. We have muscles that can pull us forward, sideways, rotate and up and down. We do not however have any muscles that can anchor any further behind us than our spines. Therefore, below the neck, once a vertebra falls forward we have no way of self-correcting. This is where we need some help.

In an acute emergency, such as a trauma or a life-threatening illness our body’s may need some outside help.

Similarly, from a physical stand point if our vertebrae fall forward we will need some outside help and as we all know that comes in the form of an adjustment.

With our increasing attention on our phones and tablets we seem to be pushing our vertebrae forward at an increasingly speedy rate. Luckily we have an adjustment for that!

-Dr Lachie