Kate has been in natural health for over 11 years. Due to her own health issues of Asthma, as a little girl and teenager her ability to play sports and live a normal life was dramatically reduced. After her husband Dr Anthony Golle` had a near brush with death, she too decided to have a check up from his Chiropractor and that check up created a new passion and path for her that she is still on today.

Within 3 months of regular visits to her Chiropractor Kate became drug and Asthma free and still is to this day. Since then, Kate has travelled throughout Europe, Asia and the USA in search of answers in helping more and more people achieve optimal health. Kate has worked extensively as a Colon Hydrotherapist, speaking internationally on the benefits of colonics and cleansing. She has also managed Colon Hydrotherapy for the Anthony Robbins event – Life Mastery. Kate completed her training in Microscopy in Chicago and is accredited with I-ACT (International Association Colon Therapists).

Prior to her involvement in Cleansing and Detox, Kate was one of the leading Trainers for Chiropractic Teams in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Kate has welcomed her three children, Zavier, Bodhi and Zara into the world, naturally and drug free at home. From a childhood of sickness to a drug free life, Kate is dedicated to helping as many children and adults as possible reach their true potential at Body Brilliant. You can check our sister site for babies and children, run by Kate at www.mybabybrilliant.com for more information on natural health for kids.