Today we have access to more information than ever thanks to the World Wide Web. But to have access and connect to this expanse of information, you first need a few things, namely – a computer and the Internet. Then of course your computer needs to be turned ON and you have to be connected to the Internet.

This is a great metaphor for how our bodies function. The major premise of chiropractic is that there is a Universal Intelligence that gives to all matter its properties and actions, thereby maintaining it in existence. In other words there is order to the planet and an unlimited potential of intelligence – similar to the World Wide Web. But as we already alluded to, unless you are connected to this Universal Intelligence (or www), then you are missing out on an unlimited potential of intelligence. In vertebrates, which yes – humans are included, this intelligence flows from our computer (our brains) down through the spinal cord to all the cells, tissues and organs of the body.

The question is – Are you plugged in, switched ON and dialed up at full speed?

Interference in the connection from your brain to your body can occur from misalignments in the spine called subluxations. Subluxations often result from physical, chemical and emotional stress placed on our body through things like car accidents, the birth process, sporting slips n falls, poor sitting, sleeping and standing posture, toxins in our food and environment and stress from work, relationships and finances.

Ultimately the connection speed of nerve signals flowing through the body should be 420km/hr, but in a subluxated state, this transmission can be slowed as much as 60%. This is like going from high-speed wireless to the old dial up where you want for what seems like an eternity for each page to load. Some people feel like this in their bodies where despite how much sleep they get, they still feel tired, or their digestion is sluggish, immune system is depressed, hormones are not balanced or instead of being mentally alert they feel ‘cloudy’.

Well the purpose of the chiropractic adjustment as written by its founder DD Palmer is to “connect man the physical to man the spiritual”. Not unlike connecting your computer (physical) to the World Wide Web (something intangible, but certainly everywhere, ever-growing and unlimited in its potential).

So to keep plugged into your unlimited healing potential at 100%, chiropractic adjustments maintain your connection speed at full power. Then a wellness chiropractor will show you ways to quit recreating the same stresses that slow your healing power in terms of physical, chemical and emotional interference you are exposed to in activities of daily living.