Experienced Chiropractors for Mermaid Beach, Robina, and Varsity Lakes

Our team at Body Brilliant believe in the amazing power and potential of the body to heal itself. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best in natural health care, knowledge and resources to our community, so that we can help as many people as possible on their journey towards optimal health and vitality.

We believe that your body has an incredible ability to heal itself, given the right environment and no interference. Body Brilliant encompasses a holistic approach to health. Our programs are designed to teach you how to live the wellness lifestyle that can give you the abundant energy and the vibrant health you truly deserve.

A long history as chiropractors in the Gold Coast area

Body Brilliant was founded on the Gold Coast in 2006 and is the brainchild of Dr Anthony Gollé and his wife Kate. The pursuit of living well, naturally has been a passion for them both, after Anthony almost lost his life with meningitis in 1999. Anthony sought care of a Wellness Chiropractor following his time in hospital and after the renewal his health and energy he decided to become a Wellness Chiropractor himself.

Dr Anthony and Kate are parents to three young children and have travelled the world, following the healthiest people on the planet, practiced internationally and become a sought after speakers in the areas of athletic peak performance, raising healthy families, natural health and healing. Dr Anthony and Kate are also executive producers of the health documentary Overfed & Undernourished, which has touched the lives of countless people around the world.

Fast forward to today and Body Brilliant continues to help thousands of families reach their true health potential. Our team have been hand selected to deliver the best in natural health care and education to our clients. Every team member lives the Body Brilliant Living Principles and has experienced all of our services to better their own health. To discover more about Body Brilliant Chiropractic & Wellness and how our team can help you on your health journey, please visit our New Patient Centre and take advantage of our special offer for a Complete Spine Health Check-up with one of our caring and experienced Doctors of Chiropractic.

Our purpose as chiropractors

Our team is 100% committed to helping families to get well and stay well for life. We are excited by the transformations we get to see before us every day and are inspired by those who choose to take their health into their own hands. Through our “Move Well”, “Eat Well”, “Think Well” and “Stay Well Adjusted” programs and our Tribal Wellness Movement, we have been privileged to see thousands of lives change for the better.

“Eat Well” –  organic cooking classes, nutrition workshops, detox programs and tailored eating plans. “Think Well” – stress reduction workshops and wellness life coaching and staying “Well Adjusted” – family wellness chiropractic care.  You will be sure to experience an unprecedented level of health and vitality with Body Brilliant.

We offer a world class healing institute that honours the amazing inborn healing potential in every individual. We have created a vast community of people who are highly educated, inspired and passionate to transform their lives and to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their families and the greater community.

Through passion and dedication, we empower our patients to embrace the Body Brilliant Living Principles to improve, extend and often save their lives, to ultimately fulfil their greatest life expression. Our team at Body Brilliant strive to provide excellence in Lifetime Family Wellness Care in a caring, nurturing and energetic environment and by keeping on the cutting edge of technology.

We focus on constant and never-ending improvement, toward our programs, our image, our products and ourselves to provide an exceptional quality of service.